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How I try to respond (internally!) to a bad review

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1148655_vintage_fountain_pen_3Bad reviews stink. There’s nothing else to say. That’s not to say a bad review isn’t a legitimate thing or that people are wrong to write them. Readers aren’t wrong to write them. People have every right to express a genuine and honest opinion of and reaction to my novel, or to any other novel they’ve read. It’s a writer’s responsibility to learn how to handle the negative feedback.

All I ask is that people limit themselves to critiquing my work without insulting me or bringing me as a person into the discussion. That’s a legitimate expectation on the part of any author, I’d think. I’m happy to say I’ve never received a bad review that attacked me personally, and I’m grateful that my readers have been so decent.

The occasional bad review is part of being an author and publishing your work. I feel lucky that overall reviews of…

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